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January, 2013
Cockroach Treatments
Hi, well today I would like to discuss cockroaches.
Cockroaches are a prolific problem in the Northern Rivers Region and it is very disheartening to hear stories of people living with and being inundated by these little critters.
Often we will be called out to jobs where the elderly, disadvantaged and people with young children are surrounded by these disease spreading vermin and have been sharing their homes with them for a number of years.
People become used to their environment they learn to alive with cockroaches after a while and they except them as part of the furniture.
This should never be the case due to the advances in pest control technology cockroach treatments are very differant to what they once where.
When I first started in the industry nearly 20 years ago it was a big fuss to get your home treated for cockroaches first you had to empty all your kitchen cupboards and then arrange to be out of the house for 3 hours or more, if you had respiratory problems or where sensitive to chemicals you would have to be away from the home for 24 hours, even after this point you could still smell the strong solvents from the chemicals we used to gain an adequate level of control.
Thankfully this is no longer the case the technology and target specific pesticides available to us makes things alot easier, and more cost effective for you the home/business owner and the results are fantastic.
You can remain at home while we carry out the treatment, we dont use any strong smelling chemicals and you dont have to empty cupboards, within 24 hours you will start to see drastic results from the treatment and within 7 Days no more cockroaches.
We are so confident in our treatment procedures that we offer up to 12 months free service warranty with our residential cockroach treatments.

a few tips for keeping your home cockroach free;
  1. don't bring 2nd hand electrical equipment into the home without prior thourough inspection
  2. If you bring your groceries home in boxes dispose of the boxes asap
  3. seal up any cracks, crevices and pipe entries where possible
  4. ensure you dont have any leaking plumbing or sewage
  5. keep vegetation/gardens well maintained
  6. dont leave food scraps or pet food lying around
  7. Pest Control services are an important part of your home maintenance ensure you have your home treated for cockroaches on an annual basis by a professional pest control technician.
For more information on cockroaches have a look at our cockroach pest profile page

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